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First day at class..

Slow American Tribal Style® bellydance with veil at Oslo Tribal Bellydance School today. So much fun!

Maybe we will cook up something special for Tribal Camp Oslo 2014

It’s not to late to join this course!  It’s suitable for experienced ATS® dancers. Read more here

Beginners are warmly welcome to join our ATS® Bellydance – Fundamentals course.

Merging ATS and veil at OTBS! #bellydanceveil #americantribalstyle #ats #tribal

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OTBS unveiled! #oslotbs #ats #americantribalstyle #otbs #oslotribal #bellydanceveil

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Oslo Tribal Bellydance Shool
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Photos from Al Farah Oriental Dance Show 2013

Jorunn’s ATS® Level 3 class, Danielle, Emelie, Ville, Miriam and Kajsa, performed an American Tribal Style® bellydance improvisation to “Luxor Baladna” by Upper Egypt Ensemble.

Photo: Emily Rojas – Studio-K5

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Behind the scenes at Al Farah Oriental Dance Show 2013

It was a lovely mid-september night at Caféteatret in Grønland. The ATS® class at Oslo Tribal Bellydance School had been rehearsing for a couple of weeks. And here we stand all of a sudden – just finished performing to “Luxor Baladna”!


Jorunn, Danielle, Emelie, Ville, Kajsa and Miriam

OTBS Winter Hafla 2012
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Photos from OTBS Winter Hafla 2012

ATS Level 1 and Level 2 class performed one slow and one fast music piece each. The Tribal Fusion class performed Miriam’s choreography to “Kakore Ja” by Helm. Emelie, Anne, Susanne, Miriam and Jorunn did solos, and Tribal Comets did a group improvisation. :)

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Photos from Oslo Magedanssenter summer show 2011

Every summer Siri Ydstie from Oslo Magedanssenter arranges a summer show. Both students and teachers are performing, and the dance styles this time ranged from Raqs Sharqi to Bollywood.

Anne, Miriam and Jorunn from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School performed to “Running in the Alleys” by Mizna. All improvised American Tribal Style® bellydance.

Photos: Cathrine Ydstie, Svitlana Punharova and OTBS

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Photos from OTBS Summer Hafla 2011

The ones who hadn’t gone on holiday dressed up for a very private hafla 6 June. First song we performed to was “Running in the Alleys” by Mizna. Then we danced to “Taksim” by Canconier and the last song was “Zar” by Satori. All improvised American Tribal Style® bellydance in different formations. Thank you to Solveig, Anne, Emilie and Miriam for the beautiful performance!

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Photos from 1001 Nights Oslo Bellydance Festival spring 2011

Jorunn performed with an improvised ATS solo and with the group United Bellies of Norway.
Oslo Bellydance Festival is an annual event, organized by Oslo Bellydance Studio and has been drawing crowds since 2001.