Balkan Beat Party 24 April 2010

Jorunn Sjølli

Jorunn Sjølli from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School/Tribal Troopers is dancing at the Balkan Beat Party GypsyTanzen Show.

All of you in Oslo fancy a good drinking party and making new friends, come to Parkteatret the 24th of April.

GypsyTanzen Show is also featuring Shireen, Bellycious, Lizzie Hagen, Elin Kåven, Bente Gillerstedt Pettersen and Kajsa Köller. Jorunn is going to dance a tribal gypsy fusion and the wicked “Awal” choreography by Jenny Louise Staurset.

Apart from this, Dj Keti and Prinsen Paulista will make sure you get to dance to all the best jugo-hits, gypsypop, brassbands, Manele kings & queens, syrtakis and Bulgarian rap it is to find. The original and authenic sound of Balkan and beyond with a twist.

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Tribal costume and jewelry shops

AMerican Tribal Style bellydance

Many times people have asked for information about buying Tribal Belly Dance costumes and jewelry.

In Norway there are no suppliers except for Oslo Tribal Bellydance School, take a look in the shop. On the internet there’s a range of Tribal costume and jewelry suppliers from all over the world to order from. Here are some hand-picked links for the Tribal gear hungry:

Great variety of Tribal gear in different fabrics and patterns as well as jewelry.

Specializes in vintage kuchi and banjara Tribal jewelry and belts.

A wide range of Tribal costumes and jewelry as well as components to make your own designs and ghawazee items.

Beautiful traditional Tuareg hand-made sterling silver designs.

A wide variety of Tribal costumes and jewelry. Many of the costumes are also suited for belly dancers.

Sells Tribal gear as well as versatile dance sandals.

Tribal designs for both ATS and different styles of Tribal Fusion.

The mother of all tribes and a trendsetter in the Tribal world offers both costumes and jewelry.

Tribal Gypsy and Ghawazee costumes.

A small but nice Tribal section with both jewelry and costumes.

Mostly belly dance items, but they also have nice jewelry, belts and wide skirts suitable for Tribal.

Offers belly dance articles and has some items for Tribal Dance.

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Tribal Troopers live in November


Jorunn performs regularly with Tribal Troopers in the cosy restaurant/café/bar Mogador Café in the centre of Oslo.

A glass of wine costs only 49 NOK and don’t forget to check out the delicious dishes.

  • Time: Wednesday 11 November and 25 November.
    Tribal Troopers dance around 7:00 pm
  • Location: Mogador Café, Toftesgate 41 (see map)
  • Entrance: Free – if you like the performance, please consider leaving Tribal Troopers a tip!

Rumours have it that it’s Bollywood time 11 November and sword time on the 25th.. Welcome!

Visit Tribal Troopers’ homepage.