Learn from instructors with decades of experience between them in traditional and modern forms of bellydance and who prioritize your learning experience.


Jorunn Sjølli

Jorunn Sjølli is a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio* and the founder of Oslo Tribal Bellydance School. She has trained in ballett, modern, jazz, ballroom and bellydance, until she discovered American Tribal Style® bellydance in 2002. Learn about American Tribal Style® bellydance → Jorunn Sjølli is the first person in Scandinavia accepted into Carolena Nericcio’s intensive Teacher […]


Miriam Embla

Miriam Embla is a Norwegian visual artist and dancer who combines her training in fine art and various styles of middle eastern dance to create a highly individual Tribal Fusion dance expression. Learn about Tribal Fusion → After completing her BA in Fine Art at Kingston University in London, she traveled to San Francisco to […]

Aurora - Oslo Tribal Bellydance School


Aurora har danset orientalsk dans siden 2002. Hun jobber både med tradisjonell musikk og stilarter, og moderne tolkninger der det orientalske bevegelsesspråket benyttes til ulike musikksjangere eller blandes med andre dansestiler. Learn about bellydance → I tillegg til orientalsk dans har hun erfaring fra moderne dans, jazz og ballett. Hun har tidligere jobbet med teater […]


Vibeke Vesterhagen

Vibeke Vesterhagen is a trained pilates instructor from Elixia Education (2014). Learn about Pilates → She is also a trained dance and workout instructor from Friskis&Svettis (2011). She completed her first dance course in 1980, at Åse og Finns danseinstitutt in Oslo. Her childhood years were danced at Ski ballettskole and Liv Steens ballettskole. Her […]

Ville Nedberg

Ville Nedberg

Ville Nedberg took General Skills for ATS Classic and General Skills for ATS Modern in San Francisco in January 2015. Ville grew up believing she could not dance. In 2009 she had her first taste of belly dance in Barcelona, and got hooked. When she moved back to Oslo in 2012, she started dancing American […]