Balkan Beat Party 24 April 2010

Jorunn Sjølli

Jorunn Sjølli from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School/Tribal Troopers is dancing at the Balkan Beat Party GypsyTanzen Show.

All of you in Oslo fancy a good drinking party and making new friends, come to Parkteatret the 24th of April.

GypsyTanzen Show is also featuring Shireen, Bellycious, Lizzie Hagen, Elin Kåven, Bente Gillerstedt Pettersen and Kajsa Köller. Jorunn is going to dance a tribal gypsy fusion and the wicked “Awal” choreography by Jenny Louise Staurset.

Apart from this, Dj Keti and Prinsen Paulista will make sure you get to dance to all the best jugo-hits, gypsypop, brassbands, Manele kings & queens, syrtakis and Bulgarian rap it is to find. The original and authenic sound of Balkan and beyond with a twist.

Join the Facebook event here.

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