Classes with Jorunn winter 2012

Jorunn teaches American Tribal Style® Bellydance at Oslo Tribal Bellydance School. All classes are held at Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo.

You will receive a CD with the music we will use in class and a leaflet with description of the movements and concepts.

A warm welcome to new and old students!

Level 1: Tribal Fundamentals & Formations

8 week course starting Monday 23 January.

  • Time: 17:30-18:45
  • Experience Level: Great for all levels
  • Fee: 1000,- NOK (see combo packages)

Having a solid dance foundation is essential for every dancer. Using fun combos, this workshop will take you back to basics, focusing on the core movements and key principles of American Tribal Style® Bellydance. We will learn the basics of both slow movements and fast steps. You’ll be dancing by the end of the first class!

This eight week session includes all basic movements, group formations, zills and posture. Fundamental formations will be explored, plus how to transition smoothly between them to add fun, flare and excitement to your dance.

Suitable for the experienced dancer wishing to revise the fundamental steps to refine and perfect their technique, and anyone newer to ATS®.

Level 2: Basic Tribal Combinations

8 week course starting Monday 23 January.

  • Time: 18:45-20
  • Experience Level: This class is for those who have at least two previous classes in American Tribal Style Bellydance or Tribal Fusion
  • Fee: 1000,- (see combo packages)

In this class the basic movements are drilled with the aim of refining individual technique, but they are not broken down. The focus is on learning new movements and how to piece these together as we delve deeper into the concepts of leading, following, improvising, chorus work, partner and group dancing. We’ll look at what makes us powerful and graceful in our slow presentation and focus on what makes us look regal and weightless in our fast presentation.

Mini “workshop within the workshop” will consist of several exercises that will help dancers to learn effective techniques to generate interesting transitions and combinations in order to obtain fluidity in the slow movements and smooth flow in the fast steps. This eight week ATS® session includes intermediate movements, group formations, zill technique and music theory for tribal style, posture and body awareness.

Basic knowledge of Taxeem, Body Wave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot Bump and Shimmy required. Students are highly encouraged to continue level 1 in conjunction with level 2 (see combo packages).

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