Inspiration: Asharah

Of all the innovative and imaginative fusion dancers that abound in the fusion belly dance scene, Asharah stands out as especially hardworking and knowledgable in many forms of belly dance.

She has shared insights into her training and artistic development on her blog, and looking back at videos of her performances, an incredible development can be seen. From a decidedly dark kind of tribal fusion through experimentation with performing to prog rock and, most recently, her dancing has been greatly influenced by her studies at Suhaila Salimpour School of Bellydance. However, what we want to know is: what is YOUR favorite online video starring Asharah? Share from youtube, vimeo, wherever, as a comment to OTBS Facebook post about Asharah. We would love to see what inspires you!

Below is a video of Asharah to get you started and if you feel compelled to dance, you can always join our brand new OTBS Basics class. See the way she combines super isolated pops and locks with smooth arm movements and undulations framed with strong arms? Those are exactly the kind of things you´ll learn which you can take with you into whatever direction you want to go with your dancing.

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