2013 Spring tunes for slow ATS®

Practice music for slow American Tribal Style® bellydance that Jorunn will be using these tracks in her spring classes 2013. Jorunn have included a short bio on 4 of the artists that may not be familiar to you. Support the artists and purchase your own copy of the songs on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon. Enjoy!

  1. Diversion
    By Anouar Brahem, Barbaros Erkose, Kudsi Erguner & Lassad Hosni
    Anouar Brahem is a Tunisian oud player and composer who is widely regarded as an innovator in his field. Performing for primarily a jazz audience, he fuses arabic classical music, folk music and jazz. In playing style, Anouar Brahem is often compared to Rabih Abou-Khalil, though his compositions tend to be more mellow and spare. He has collaborated throughout his career and on several albums with other musicians.
  2. Ou Est Ma Petite Danseuse?
    By Gypsy Caravan
  3. Atlantis Coastguard Corruption
    By Ugress
    Ugress is an electronic music project from Norway by musician Gisle Martens Meyer. Ugress often use small snippets (sampling) of audio from older science fiction or horror movies in their songs. The music can be related to other artists like Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Propellerheads and Röyksopp, however Ugress are known to have a “rougher” style.
  4. End of the Road
    By Magic Carpet
    Magic Carpet was an innovative Anglo-Indian so-called psychedelic prog folk fusion band, that started in the early 1970s by three musical friends, Clem Alford (sitar), Jim Moyes (guitar), and Keshav Sathe (tabla). The Magic Carpet album has been described as “a psych folk gem – a unique and extraordinary fusion of east and west, Magic Carpet being one of the very first bands to truly combine Indian and western instrumentation”.
  5. Raks Sharqi
    By World Percussion Collective
  6. Curried Ripples
    By Ganga Giri
    Ganga was born in Port Fairy, Australia, and has gained the respect of Aboriginal didgeridu (yidaki) players for his unique approach to didgeridu playing. Influenced by many varied genres, including East Indian Tabla and African percussion, he has married indigenous Australian and world music with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience.
  7. Feed the Muse
    By Solace
  8. Moroccan 6
    By FatChanceBellyDance


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