Summer workshops: flamenco and tribal fusion

July 20th-21st: Flamenco for bellydancers and Tribal Fusion ♥

This summer, we have invited Bellali Austria, an accomplished flamenco dancer and teacher from Mexico, to teach a flamenco workshop especially for Tribal bellydancers. As American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion bellydance evolved, they absorbed influences from many different dance forms. The beautiful posture and strong arm positions in Tribal are inspired by flamenco. Therefore, we want to give Tribal dancers a glimpse into this beautiful dance form, without having to stomp around in uncomfortable shoes!

About Bellali

Bellali has her dance training from Mexico and Spain, as well as having taught flamenco in Japan and here in Norway. Her passion for the abillity of dance to trancend cultural and language barriers has driven her to study many different dance forms, and to collaborate with dancers of diverse backgrounds.

Flamenco for bellydancers with Bellali

This workshop focuses on flamenco body technique, without shoes/tapping. We will explore the force and energy of flamenco to create movement, body percusssion, arm technique and turns to help us improve our projection on stage. You will learn technique and choreography which you are free to adapt to your own style of dancing.

  • Time: Saturday and Sunday 11-12:30
  • Level: some experience with ATS/Tribal fusion/bellydance recommended

Scroll down for price, location and registration information.

Tribal Fusion technique and combinations with Miriam Embla

This workshop focuses on isolations and shimmies both standing in place and travelling. Then we’ll learn some challenging (but fun!) combinations that explore the use of lines, contrasting slow, gooey and percussive movements and layering isolations over footwork.

  • Time: Saturday and Sunday 12:30-14
  • Level: intermediate/some experience recommended

Location, registration and payment

  • Price: drop in/1,5 hours: kr. 200,-
    One workshop/ 3 hours: kr. 300,-
    Both workshops/ 6 hours: kr. 500,-
  • Register here or e-mail
  • Location: Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo

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