Finger cymbals

The many virtues of learning to play finger cymbals.

1. Musicality: Even if you never perform while playing cymbals, the challenge of learning where the cymbal strokes fall in relation to the music forces you to pay attention to the counts, upbeats and downbeats with more clarity than if you were just dancing. This can make you more confident in your musical interpretation also when dancing without cymbals.

2. An additional aural and visual component to your dancing. Proficiency in finger cymbals  will impress any audience, especially fellow dancers who know how hard it is! The tinkling of cymbals over a piece of Arabic music or drum solo will add an unmistakeably Arabic flavour to a traditional bellydance performance. Also, fast American Tribal Style bellydance, when performed to suitable music, does not feel complete without cymbals. 

 3. Increased awareness of hand and arm placement: Just wearing the cymbals while moving the arms through the basic positions and the extra weight on the hands can increase your awareness of their placement in space. This can lead to more graceful hands and arms also without cymbals.

In short, learning to play finger cymbals can lift your dance to a new level in subtle yet profound ways. This Wednesday the 27th of November, you can drop in to a class covering the basics of finger cymbals. It will cover the most basic cymbal patterns, hand placement and movement with an emphasis on elegance! Also, how to avoid tendinitis will be discussed. All levels welcome! Read more here.

Oslo Tribal Bellydance School

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