Elin Kåven at OTBS

Elin Kåven – the arctic elf. In addition to being a music artist Elin is one of the best-known Tribal Fusion dancers in Norway. Her Sami background makes her particularly inspired by nature and mythical creatures.

Elin gives workshops in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and England. For the first time, she will teach at Oslo Tribal Bellydance School on January 24th-26th.

Read the workshop descriptions here

Elin has been dancing since 2004 and has studied with Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel and Beata and Horacio Cifuentes. Other dancers who has influenced her is Ariellah and Morgana. Elin has performed at festivals, shows and on TV in Scandinavia, and she has also performed at several important tribal events in England as Raqs Britannia, Tribal London and Gothla.

We are looking forward to host her at Oslo Tribal Bellydance School!

“After 100 years in the deepest forests and the hidden plateaus appeared an arctic elf dancing ..”
– Heike Humphreys, Gothla UK

Elin Kåven
Elin Kåven

Cover photo: Per Inge Oestmoen

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