2015 Autumn tunes for fast ATS®

2015 Autumn tunes for fast ATS®
Practice music for fast American Tribal Style® bellydance. Jorunn and Ville will be using these tracks in the Autumn ATS classes. Support the artists and purchase your own copy of the songs on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.


  1. Anzour el ouali Chérifa
  2. Jamalem Voyager Series
  3. Sabla Tolo I Hossam Ramzy
  4. Zennube, Nay Solo Omar Faruk Tekbilek
  5. In a Masmoudi Mood (The Masmoudi Rhythm) Michael Beach & Brothers of the Baladi
  6. Beledy Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek
  7. Al Sahid Knossos
  8. Elila farh Hicham Katir Orchestra

The last one is the official ATS Flash Mob Worldwide 2015 song – a true crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

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