2015 Autumn tunes for slow ATS®

2015 Autumn tunes for slow ATS®
Practice music for fast American Tribal Style® bellydance. Jorunn and Ville will be using these tracks in the Autumn ATS classes. Support the artists and purchase your own copy of the songs on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.


  1. GC Walk To Nowhere The Caravan Project
  2. Kaff Mahmoud Fadl
  3. Across the Bosphorus Mosavo
  4. Curried Ripples Ganga Giri
  5. Maleh U Filfil Fat Chance Belly Dance & Helm
  6. Cybelle [Just the Dark Bits Edit] Pentaphobe
  7. Ayoob Crickets The Caravan Project
  8. Kali Sara Alfonso Ponticelli

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