2016 Winter / Spring tunes for slow ATS®

2016 Winter / Spring tunes for slow ATS®
Practice music for slow American Tribal Style® bellydance. Jorunn and Ville will be using these tracks in the ATS classes. Please support the artists and purchase your own copy of the songs on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.


  1. Den blå slåtten Åsmund Reistad, Lars Lien, Geko Fattal & Tiar
  2. GC Suffi Project The Caravan Project
  3. The River Ananda Shankar
  4. Frame Drum FatChanceBellyDance
  5. Yefikir Tizita Mulatu Astatke
  6. Leylet Arghool (Ancient Reeded Flutes driven by Folkloric Drums) Michael Beach & Brothers of the Baladi
  7. Ismaaouni Upper Egypt Ensemble
  8. Stars (Instrumental) John de Kadt and Steve Gorn

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