Kristine and Jorunn at Tribal Night   Many wonderful performances filled the stage during Tribal Night bellydance show, a part of Oslo Tribal Belly Dance Fest ( featuring workshops with Kristine Adams from FatChanceBellyDance®. Here Kristine and OTBS instructor Jorunn are dancing 100% improvised American Tribal Style® bellydance together for the first time. The music is "Oum El Khelkhal" by … Continue reading Kristine and Jorunn at Tribal Night

Nytt dansetilbud og internasjonal dansefest

Nytt og unikt kurstilbud hos Oslo Tribal Bellydance School Flamenco for magedansere OPPSTART TORSDAG 13. MARS: Både teknikk og koreografi uten sko/stepping får du fire torsdager framover med flamenco-danser Bellali Austria. Vi utforsker flamencoens kraft og energi for å utvikle vår musikalitet og styrke vår danseholdning! Tilstedeværelse og utstråling er sentrale temaer. Kurset er åpent for … Continue reading Nytt dansetilbud og internasjonal dansefest

#8: FCBD® Slow Drill With Sandi Drill the basic slow movements Arm Undulation, Hand Floreos, Taxeem, Walking Taxeem, Bodywave, Walking Bodywave and Deep Bodywave (with a Reverse Turn and a Barrel Turn thrown in at the end) with Sandi from FatChanceBellyDance®. Music: "Kali Sara" from the CD Latcho Drom.

#7: FCBD® Basic Fast Transitions with Wendy Drill the transitions for the 4 basic fast movements, Egyptian Basic, Egyptian Half Turn, Basic Arabic, Pivot Bump/Choo-Choo and Basic Shimmy with Wendy from FatChanceBellyDance®. Music: "Hosanni Oo" from the CD Itneen.

Workshop booking with Kristine Adams is open

Not to be missed! 13-15th of June 2014 aims to be a fantastically creative and inspiring weekend of workshops covering 13 hours of intense workout, tribal technique and performance creativity with Kristine Adams of FatChanceBellyDance®. Give her a warm welcome and book your workshops at Eventbrite!

Oslo Tribal Bellydance Fest

Kristine-Adams-Tribal-Camp-Oslo-kompass Kristine Adams of FatChanceBellydance® is visiting Norway on her world tour!

Choose between 7 different workshops and a total of 13 hours of dance training. The workshops are suitable for Tribal bellydancers and traditional bellydancers who want to expand their knowledge of contemporary bellydance.

Day packages will be sold first, so grab your spot while you can! Space is limited. Single workshops will be released in March if there are any spots left.

Workshops Friday 13th of June
Get dizzy with Kristine in the Spins! workshop and take a trip around the world in the ATS costuming lecture.

Workshops Saturday 14th of June
Learn how to hypnotize the room in the morning and watch Kristine “WOW” the audience at Battle of the Tribes in the evening.

Workshops Sunday 15th of June
Expand your dance vocabulary and learn how to recover from mistakes without loosing your cool. Afterwards it’s time for…

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Oslo Tribal Belly Dance Fest sneak peek

If you have been planning to study Tribal Bellydance for a while, now is the perfect time to start for many reasons! One of them is this: In mid-june Kristine Adams from FatChanceBellyDance® will give workshops and privates at Oslo Tribal Belly Dance Fest. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from an original FCBD® … Continue reading Oslo Tribal Belly Dance Fest sneak peek

Tribal Bellydance History

Treat yourself with a Tribal Bellydance history lesson and check out this playlist on YouTube collected by Ashara. Vintage videos of Jamila Salimpour and Bal Anat, FatChanceBellyDance®, Urban Tribal, Gypsy Moor Dancers... The roots of ATS®, ITS and Tribal Fusion.