Northern Soul Tribal Collective in England Many wonderful performances filled the stage during Devi Mamak is coming to Essex hafla on November 15th. Northern Soul Tribal Collective had the pleasure of taking part of the show. NSTC is consisting of OTBS instructor Jorunn from Oslo, Helen from Stockholm and Berenike from Uppsala, all FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studios. They performed an American … Continue reading Northern Soul Tribal Collective in England

Tribal at Hawk-in-the Nest 15

Jorunn Sjølli and Miriam Embla from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School had the pleasure of dancing at Hawk-in-the-Nest 15, a wonderful charity event arranged every year by Tribal Troopers. Miriam did a solo and Jorunn were performing with the troupes Tribal Troopers and Northern Soul Tribal Collective. Tribal Troopers also did a collaboration with the cool … Continue reading Tribal at Hawk-in-the Nest 15