Jorunn & Miriam fra Oslo Tribal Bellydance School

Tribal at 1001 Night Hafla 2012

Miriam and Jorunn are hoping that students and friends of Oslo Tribal Bellydance School will come and support them Friday 27 April.

They are both performing solos at the Hafla arranged by 1001 Night Oslo Bellydance Festival. Read more about the Hafla here.

  • Time: Friday 27 April 2012 at 21:00
  • Location: Oslo Magedanssenter, Karl Johans gate 17
  • Entrance fee: 50,-

Oslo Bellydance Festival is an annual event, organized by Oslo Bellydance Studio, which has been drawing crowds since 2001.

Welcome! Support your local Tribal teacher!

Jorunn Sjølli Oslo Tribal Bellydance School

ATS® intensive Sunday 3 April 2011

Welcome to a fun introduction to American Tribal Style bellydance. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some cool Tribal bellydance steps!

This is the plan for the workshop: Posture, 6 basic steps (slow and fast movements), simple cues and transitions and 1 standard trio formation.

  • Level: open
  • Time: sunday 3 April 10:00-11:00
  • Place: Oslo Magedansstudio, Karl Johans gate 17
  • Price: NOK 150,-
  • Teacher: Jorunn Sjølli
  • Registration: write “tribal” and your full name and address and send it to or send an SMS to 91 83 66 53.

This workshop is arranged by 1001 Nights – Oslo Bellydance Festival.

About Jorunn
After many years of intensive training with the best ATS bellydance teachers in the world, including Carolena Nericcio, Megha Gavin and Devi Mamak, Jorunn formed Oslo Tribal Bellydance School in 2009 to share the knowledge and the joy of ATS to new tribal dancers.

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About ATS
American Tribal Style® bellydance is always exciting and refreshingly unpredictable because it’s generally improvised. Moves are initiated by the lead dancer through a series of subtle cues and transitions. And everyone get to lead! American Tribal Style® is based on an adaption of the folkloric dances and ancient dance techniques of North Africa, Spain, North India and the Middle East.

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1001 Nights

1001 Nights – Oslo Bellydance Festival 2011

Oslo Bellydance Festival is an annual event which has been drawing crowds since 2001, organized by Oslo Bellydance Studio.



There will be a gala show in Oslo Concert Hall on friday 1 April, hafla on saturday 2 April and different dance workshops during the weekend.

This year’s international guest star is ANASMA from New York. Jorunn from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School is performing at the gala show and will give an intro course to ATS on sunday.

For workshops, go to schedule, for info about the teachers, go to instructors, for info on the show, go to performers.