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Tribal at Hawk-in-the Nest 15

Jorunn Sjølli and Miriam Embla from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School had the pleasure of dancing at Hawk-in-the-Nest 15, a wonderful charity event arranged every year by Tribal Troopers.

Miriam did a solo and Jorunn were performing with the troupes Tribal Troopers and Northern Soul Tribal Collective. Tribal Troopers also did a collaboration with the cool girls in The Rebel Force, directed by Jenny Lovise Staurset.

Check out all the gorgeous performers at Hawk-in-the-Nest 15 on

All photos by Richard Hansen

Tribal Camp Oslo 2011

Don’t think, just dance

Imagine Oslo late September 2011. The summer is definitely over and the leaves have turned brown. The days are getting shorter and colder. A long winter awaits.

The only reasonable thing to do is to get up on the dance floor and indulge ourselves into the warm, colourful and inspiring world of tribal and folklore dances.

Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo!

Tribal Camp Oslo is arranged by Tribal Troopers.


  • 23 – 25 September 2011





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Tribal Camp Oslo i september 2011

Tribal Camp Oslo har blitt fast tradisjon hver høst, og for fjerde år på rad steller Tribal Troopers i stand dansefestivalen som har et bankende hjerte for tribal og folkloredanser.

Her er en sniktitt på programmet for Tribal Camp Oslo 2011. Fyldig informasjon kommer i løpet av en ukes tid på


Rask American Tribal Style bellydance
med Jenny Lovise Staurset

Sakte American Tribal Style bellydance
med Jorunn Sjølli

Kurs i sminke, hår og hudpleie for utøvende artister innen dans og scenekunst
med Hilde Moshølen og Tove Hansen


Guedra, tuaregfolkets transedans
med Lizzie Hagen

Tribal Fusion
med Elin Kåven

Hagalla, beduindans fra Marsa Matruh
med Eva Loune

Forestillingen Battle of the Tribes lørdag kveld


Tribal Fusion trommesolo
med Eva Loune

med Kristin Sønju

Ghawazee, egyptisk sigøynerdans
med Lizzie Hagen

Dancing at Hawk in the Nest 11 2010

Jorunn Sjølli performed solo and with Tribal Squad – a troupe of present and former students from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School.

Tribal Squad was established in 2009 and the members are Kajsa Köller, Silje Helen Sigvartsson and Hilde Moshølen. Jorunn Sjølli is the troupe’s mentor and performance partner.

Hawk-in-the-Nest is a benefit show arranged every year by Tribal Troopers.

Photo: Therese Gruehagen and Sara Kolberg

OTBS students will perform at Mogador Café

Come and support us, and bring a friend or two!

  • Date: Wednesday 8 December 2009
  • Time: Dancing starts around 19:00
  • Location: Mogador Café, Toftesgate 41 (see map)
  • Entrance: Free!

This is the last time this year that Tribal Troopers performs in this cosy restaurant/café/bar in the centre of Oslo.

Guest dancers from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School, Hilde, Kajsa and Silje Helen, are going to perform with Tribal Troopers.

Mogador Café have delicious food and all rights.

Tribal Troopers live in November


Jorunn performs regularly with Tribal Troopers in the cosy restaurant/café/bar Mogador Café in the centre of Oslo.

A glass of wine costs only 49 NOK and don’t forget to check out the delicious dishes.

  • Time: Wednesday 11 November and 25 November.
    Tribal Troopers dance around 7:00 pm
  • Location: Mogador Café, Toftesgate 41 (see map)
  • Entrance: Free – if you like the performance, please consider leaving Tribal Troopers a tip!

Rumours have it that it’s Bollywood time 11 November and sword time on the 25th.. Welcome!

Visit Tribal Troopers’ homepage.

Tribal at Mogador Café


Every second Wednesday Tribal Troopers with Jorunn Sjølli from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School and Jenny Lovise Staurset will perform at Mogador Café.

Mogador Café is a cosy restaurant/café/bar in the centre of Oslo. Grab a drink, a beer, order from the delicious menu or just have a cup of coffee while you smile at us doing our improvisational choreography.

  • First time: 28 October – we dance around 7:00pm
  • Location: Mogador Café, Toftesgate 41 (see map)
  • Entrance: Free – welcome!